How to write a research paper fast?

Practically every student in his life faces a serious and often difficult task which is how to write a research paper.

And there is plenty of time to do the work. However, very often the student is faced with the need to learn how to write a research paper fast, sometimes even through a day. How to write a research paper fast?

 Regardless of whether you will write a paper semester or spend only a day on its implementation, you need to arm yourself with the knowledge of how to write a research paper fast. So, write all the points.

1. You must have a clear topic and plan your paper. The topic is usually agreed in advance with the supervisor. During the conversation, try to determine how to write a research paper for the teacher to accept it. Write down what he wants you to notice, what aspects must be included in your work.

2. It is also advisable to know in advance the rules of research paper design, for example, what type of font to write the research paper, what indents to do around the edges, etc .. Read the article how to write an introduction to the research paper, because the first impression of your work depends on it whole.

3. After clarifying the topic, we make a plan for the research paper and begin to collect material. At the same time, we take into account all the material on the topic, even if it is not directly suitable. It is always easier then to remove something extra than to invent one yourself.

4. Following the recommendations of how to write a research paper, do not forget, if possible, sort the collected material into folders, the importance, note the primary nuances.

5. During the copying of the material we mark, from which sources we take the information. This is useful for making a list of references at the end of the work.

6. So, we already have a more or less decent layer of information, you can do the compilation of the backbone of the work, arrange the title page course and remember what was written in the article, how to write an introduction to the research paper. So the structure of the work will appear before us more clearly.

The main thing is to believe in success, that everything will turn out to be “excellent”!

How to make an outline for a research paper?

Before completing the research paper, you must know how to make an outline for a research paper.

In this article you will see, as well as to draw up a project for the purpose of research paper, and in addition you will cast a certain sample of the project direction. Let’s proceed according to the system:

The contour is considered a formation of research paper. In this case, without exception, all problems in the project must be naturally combined, and to fully provide the result in resolving the established problem.

The word “outline” is used only in the preparatory stage, the activity must be research paper. The presence of the design of the research paper in the page close to the title at the top according to the middle of the page is composed by large signs – “Content”. Further spelled out, that in the process itself is the scheme.

The structure of the research paper should consist of the following sections so you will know how to make an outline for a research paper:

  • introduction;
  • the main part (2-3 chapters);
  • conclusion;
  • list of references;
  • tables and other applications (if necessary).

Management Outline (example):


1. Specificity of corporate management in medicine

1.1. Corporation concept

1.2. Medical associations in the context of history and politics

1.3. Combinations of medical business: tasks, functions, practical activities

2. Corporate Associations in Russian Medicine: Essence, Features

2.1. All-Russian public organization “Association of Medical Workers”

2.2.Association clinics of St. Petersburg

2.3. Activity of the All-Russian Association of General Practitioners (Family Doctors)

3. Prospects for the development of corporate associations in the medical business



Outline accounting (example)


1. Financial investments: concept, accounting

1.1. The essence of financial investments

1.2. Features of the evaluation of financial investments

1.3. Accounting loans as a type of financial investment

2. Features of accounting for financial investments

2.1. Investment assessment methods

2.2. Documentation of financial investments

2. 3. Accounting for income from operations with securities for the purposes of accounting and tax accounting



Outline in psychology (example):


Chapter 1. Theoretical approaches to the study of the identity of men and women of middle age

1.1. Formation of individual identity

1.2. The concept of gender identity

1.3. Typology of gender identity

Chapter 2. The study of the ego-identity of men and women of middle age

2.1. Organization and research methods

2.2. Research results



How to start a research paper introduction?

The introduction of the research paper involves a small paragraph with a specific texture and an exact statement of the key nuances of the activity.

There are a large number of recommendations about this, as well as making an introduction to the research paper. But the main thing – to have the ability to emphasize the primary characteristics. In a similar way, the introduction comes from the prescription to the significance of the problem for the purpose of a certain sphere, lesson, sphere of knowledge. Already after this, the task and the problems of studying should be expressed, what should be mentioned in order to complete the data. Each analyzed sample essay is required to clearly provide solutions to the identified problems, otherwise the activity will lose its own significance.

So, answering the question of how to start a research paper introduction correctly, we can single out several important points:

  • To mention what is dedicated to the activity, what will be examined, analyzed, and so on.
  • An appropriate step in addressing the difficulty, about this, as well as drawing up the implementation, will be an explanation of the relevance of the selected problem. For what reason did you decide to function in this process in the process itself? What will be the result of a better established in the source?
  • Already after that, as well as they identified the problem and showed significance, a problem appears, as well as to make an introduction to the direction further. In the bulk of the situation, they proceed to a detailed identification of the meaning more fully, the posing of problems. Let’s analyze a sample implementation of a research paper for the purpose of this component:
  • A significant component of the problem about this, as well as making an introduction to the research paper, will be the establishment of the subject and object of study. The subject contains the object of study, and not the opposite. The object indicates the most limited sector of studies. The object of study forces us to more accurately determine the scope of the study.

As we can see, there is nothing difficult in the writing of the introduction. The main thing is to take into account all the rules of structural design section so you will know how to start a research paper introduction.

How to conclude a research paper?

The conclusion along with the introductory part are the most important parts of the research paper, because it is to them that the commission pays the most attention.

In this article we will talk about how to conclude a research paper and give some tips to help you.

We think over the introduction and conclusion in advance.

We would recommend to take care in advance not to miss anything in this part of the research paper. To do this, after each section of the main part, write small but meaningful conclusions. As a result, you can use the written text: make the pressing of the most important, and, having slightly reduced and reformulated the sentences, choose the quintessence. You have to know how to conclude a research paper.

Drawing up a plan is a guarantee of systematic presentation of the material.

The final part is desirable to write according to plan. Unfortunately, each teacher has his own requirements and preferences regarding this, so the standard plan does not always suit students. If the assessment for the research paper is of great importance to you, and there is no time for thorough research, you should contact the professionals who are always ready to help with writing a research paper on any subject. If you want to work independently, then we offer an indicative plan of things that you definitely need to mention in conclusion:

1. Thesis or problem statement. It does not matter that you repeatedly repeated this in the introductory and main parts in different interpretations: the way you see the problem, a large measure influences the assessment of work.

2. The part that echoes the introduction. Remind the reader of what goal you set for yourself, what ways you achieved to achieve it.

3. Theoretical conclusions. Here, summarize the theoretical conclusions that you made. For example, in one of the sections you consider theories of the origin of property, consider the positions of scientists and join the opinion of one of them. Then, in conclusion, briefly state your motivation and the essence of the chosen position.

4. Own practices. The most important part of the work, because in order to develop their own position and propose new solutions, is intended thesis. Here tell us how to solve the problem that you formulated at the beginning of the work.

5. Actually, the result. Praise yourself a little. Indicate that you coped with the assigned tasks, analyzed theory and practice, for example, offered your own ideas.

How to write an introduction for a research paper?

The introduction is considered to be the one and very significant component of the research paper. Immediately with the occurrence proceed to get acquainted with the research paper. Someone reflects the whole important data on labor. The composition and design of the implementation created the right conditions for you to understand. In this article, we will analyze how to write an introduction for a research paper.

Structure on how to write an introduction for a research paper?

The structure of implementation to the research paper consists of the sequence of the following components:

  • Relevance of the topic of the research paper
  • Object and subject of study
  • Purpose and objectives of the work
  • Research methods used when writing a research paper
  • Brief description of work structure

All useful implementation components are located in precise mode only because of the other. They are not numbered in any way, but they have all chances to be given a fertile type. Any highly structural component has the latest line and indent paragraph.

Characteristics of the components of how to write an introduction for a research paper:

• The significance of the problem of research paper contains the arguments of the creator about the desirability of studying the problem he has chosen. Justifying the significance of the problem, it is necessary to understand the level of her knowledge. The significance of the problem captures more than fifty percent, but less than the whole page of the printed word. Very long lasting significance is poorly accepted.

• Subject and object of study. The subject of study is considered a specific phenomenon (or procedure), in which a problematic situation appears, and someone is elected to study in research paper. The object of the study is considered to be the abstract re-creation of an impartial reality, as well as these significant interrelations and relationships, which should be investigated in work.

• Task and problems of activity. The target of this training is considered to be the final result, to the result of which all without exception studies are aimed in the absence of withdrawal. Exercise is required to answer the question. The goal of the research paper is achieved as a result of the implementation of the detected difficulties of work. As well as the rule, a certain item or manager is trimmed with each question. Problems must be formulated in a variant of the list: “investigate …”, “establish …”, “conduct an investigation …”, “check …”, “discover …”, “classify … “. “,” Explore … “,” improve … “, etc. D. D. In research paper, there is no need to set the most 4-5 tasks.