How to conclude a research paper?

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The conclusion along with the introductory part are the most important parts of the research paper, because it is to them that the commission pays the most attention.

In this article we will talk about how to conclude a research paper and give some tips to help you.

We think over the introduction and conclusion in advance.

We would recommend to take care in advance not to miss anything in this part of the research paper. To do this, after each section of the main part, write small but meaningful conclusions. As a result, you can use the written text: make the pressing of the most important, and, having slightly reduced and reformulated the sentences, choose the quintessence. You have to know how to conclude a research paper.

Drawing up a plan is a guarantee of systematic presentation of the material.

The final part is desirable to write according to plan. Unfortunately, each teacher has his own requirements and preferences regarding this, so the standard plan does not always suit students. If the assessment for the research paper is of great importance to you, and there is no time for thorough research, you should contact the professionals who are always ready to help with writing a research paper on any subject. If you want to work independently, then we offer an indicative plan of things that you definitely need to mention in conclusion:

1. Thesis or problem statement. It does not matter that you repeatedly repeated this in the introductory and main parts in different interpretations: the way you see the problem, a large measure influences the assessment of work.

2. The part that echoes the introduction. Remind the reader of what goal you set for yourself, what ways you achieved to achieve it.

3. Theoretical conclusions. Here, summarize the theoretical conclusions that you made. For example, in one of the sections you consider theories of the origin of property, consider the positions of scientists and join the opinion of one of them. Then, in conclusion, briefly state your motivation and the essence of the chosen position.

4. Own practices. The most important part of the work, because in order to develop their own position and propose new solutions, is intended thesis. Here tell us how to solve the problem that you formulated at the beginning of the work.

5. Actually, the result. Praise yourself a little. Indicate that you coped with the assigned tasks, analyzed theory and practice, for example, offered your own ideas.