How to make an outline for a research paper?

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Before completing the research paper, you must know how to make an outline for a research paper.

In this article you will see, as well as to draw up a project for the purpose of research paper, and in addition you will cast a certain sample of the project direction. Let’s proceed according to the system:

The contour is considered a formation of research paper. In this case, without exception, all problems in the project must be naturally combined, and to fully provide the result in resolving the established problem.

The word “outline” is used only in the preparatory stage, the activity must be research paper. The presence of the design of the research paper in the page close to the title at the top according to the middle of the page is composed by large signs – “Content”. Further spelled out, that in the process itself is the scheme.

The structure of the research paper should consist of the following sections so you will know how to make an outline for a research paper:

  • introduction;
  • the main part (2-3 chapters);
  • conclusion;
  • list of references;
  • tables and other applications (if necessary).

Management Outline (example):


1. Specificity of corporate management in medicine

1.1. Corporation concept

1.2. Medical associations in the context of history and politics

1.3. Combinations of medical business: tasks, functions, practical activities

2. Corporate Associations in Russian Medicine: Essence, Features

2.1. All-Russian public organization “Association of Medical Workers”

2.2.Association clinics of St. Petersburg

2.3. Activity of the All-Russian Association of General Practitioners (Family Doctors)

3. Prospects for the development of corporate associations in the medical business



Outline accounting (example)


1. Financial investments: concept, accounting

1.1. The essence of financial investments

1.2. Features of the evaluation of financial investments

1.3. Accounting loans as a type of financial investment

2. Features of accounting for financial investments

2.1. Investment assessment methods

2.2. Documentation of financial investments

2. 3. Accounting for income from operations with securities for the purposes of accounting and tax accounting



Outline in psychology (example):


Chapter 1. Theoretical approaches to the study of the identity of men and women of middle age

1.1. Formation of individual identity

1.2. The concept of gender identity

1.3. Typology of gender identity

Chapter 2. The study of the ego-identity of men and women of middle age

2.1. Organization and research methods

2.2. Research results